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How Sustainable Is Boody?

Boody is an Australian womenswear, menswear, and babywear apparel brand that focuses on loungewear, activewear, sleepwear, and undergarments. Boody uses  organic bamboo, organic cotton, LYOLYTE® (bamboo lyocell), and small amounts of spandex in their products.  

The raw bamboo Boody employs to produce Boody’s signature bamboo viscose yarn is certified to be organic by Ecocert SA precisely corresponding to the Ecocert Organic standard. This bamboo is grown using rainwater and when harvested every part of the mature  plant is used in production of products, making the bamboo plantation extremely low on waste and excessive water use. Additionally, the immature bamboo plants have been proven to naturally produce oxygen while still growing as well as absorbing carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses from their surrounding areas. Furthermore, all bamboo associated with the production of Boody’s merchandise is obtained from FSC-certified forests or plantations that follow FSC-defined practices throughout harvesting, production, and supply chain fulfilment. 

The LYOLYTE® material that Boody employs in their products is their own exclusive creation of the sustainable lyocell textile made by using organically-grown bamboo. Producing LYOLYTE® fabrics requires half as much water compared to cotton and the process is 100% free from toxic chemicals. The production of  LYOLYTE® is also a closed loop system, meaning the factories that create this material reuse textile waste that is made during the production process for other products. And LYOLYTE® is biodegradable and 100% compostable within 2–6 months, making it an extremely sustainable fabric.

Boody’s factories and factory partners use advanced computer knitting machines to manufacture garments without seams, invariably meaning textile wastage is very minimal. In these factories, all water consumed in the production process for Boody products is recycled and reused. Air pollution due to emissions are kept to the most reduced level possible, and Boody is constantly updating their modern facilities to become even more eco-friendly.

Also Boody’s packaging is created with the environment in mind. This brand utilizes sustainable packaging made from recycled, post-consumer waste from FSC-certified suppliers, that prioritize the safeguarding of natural ecosystems and deforestation prevention. Additionally, Boody only prints with sustainable non-toxic vegetable-based inks and all online orders arrive in biodegradable garment bags constructed from compostable corn-based PLA plastic.

Materials used:

Bamboo Viscose Lyocell Organic Cotton Spandex

Is Boody Ethically-Made?

Boody produces their merchandise in: China, India, and Vietnam. Boody’s workers and partnered factory workers receive the regional minimum wage or the local industry wage, typically depending on which is higher and closer to a living wage. This brand has stated that they partner only with Fair Trade certified factories and suppliers. Boody carefully performs many random and scheduled audits throughout the year in all of their factories and partnered factories in: China, India, and Vietnam. Boody investigates and thoroughly assesses: the work environment for safety,  that liveable wages are being paid, and that the hours are reasonable and follow ILO recommendations.


Fair Trade Oeko-Tex PETA

Is Boody a Vegan Company?

Yes, Boody is a vegan brand. This brand uses no animal derived materials or textiles, in favor of organic bamboo, organic cotton, LYOLYTE® (bamboo lyocell, also known as vegan silk) and small amounts of spandex in their apparel pieces. Boody collaborates with only highly certified animal-friendly factories and suppliers to manufacture their bamboo-rich clothing. This brand also states on their official website that the bamboo used to produce their textiles is not the same bamboo that pandas eat. Boody does not harm or deprive any pandas of a satisfying meal.

To summarize, all merchandise designed and manufactured by Boody is 100% vegan and produced using only animal-friendly cruelty-free methods. All Boody products have been PETA approved.

*Shipping Details

For orders over $49 USD, customers can receive free Economy Shipping. For orders $49 USD and under, Economy Shipping is $8.95 and Priority Shipping is $15.00.

The brand ships to the following locations: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom and USA.

**Return Policy

The cost of returning the purchased merchandise by post is at the expense of the customer, unless the product is faulty. Customers can return any item (except Underwear and ladies Bodysuits) within 30 days of purchase if the item(s) is unused and in their original condition and packaging.

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