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How Sustainable Is Eileen Fisher?

Eileen Fisher is an eco-friendly American based womenswear brand. Its apparel and accessory pieces are minimal and extremely long lasting, with even a take-back program. Renew, is the take-back program that supports Eileen Fisher’s circular system that focuses on decreasing waste and overturning fast fashion ideals.

Renew works simply by prompting customers to return their used Eileen Fisher merchandise for either re-sale or to be upcycled into a completely new product.

This program is only possible due to the sustainability and high quality of Eileen Fisher’s textiles. Eileen Fisher uses only environmentally responsible fabrics like organic linen, recycled cashmere, recycled polyester, conscientious cruelty-free wool, organic cotton, Tencel Lyocell, and others. Additionally, this brand uses Bluesign Certified dyes that require much less water and energy, while also creating reduced wastewater that requires less clean-up.

Materials used:

Cashmere Hemp Merino Wool Organic Cotton Organic Linen Recycled Cashmere Silk Tencel

Is Eileen Fisher Ethically-Made?

This brand produces its products internationally in Italy, China, Vietnam, Peru, India, and the United States; and to ensure fair wages, just working conditions, and reasonable working hours are being carried out in all partnered factories, Eileen Fisher employs an independent third-party auditor.

The current auditor is an Irish based compliance consultant company titled Fair Working Conditions. This firm performs unannounced audits and inspects everything from worker safety concerns to hiring procedures. Eileen Fisher is also partnered with the trade union, the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) in India for most of their handloom merchandise items.

This organization supports the rights of female workers in rural India; it aids them in receiving equal pay, and fair treatment. Eileen Fisher supports homeworkers in Peru and India, who create traditionally hand loomed/hand-knitted textiles or garment pieces. Through Eileen Fisher, these homeworkers are able to earn a living wage while also taking care of their families and upholding traditional crafts.


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Is Eileen Fisher a Vegan Company?

Eileen Fisher is not a vegan brand. This brand implements: recycled cashmere, alpaca wool, down, leather, wool, and silk in their apparel and accessory products. Eileen Fisher works together with Textile Exhange’s Responsible Leather Round Table to uphold proper animal welfare and source the most humane leathers.

This brand uses leather that is only sourced as a by-product from the meat industry. Eileen Fisher never employs leather from animals that were raised solely for their skins. Since 2018, Eileen Fisher has also only used wool that is certified to the Responsible Wool Standard. This standard ensures full transparency and traceability of the sheep wool textiles directly back to the original farm of origin.

The Responsible Wool Standard: safeguards daily animal wellbeing according to the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, bans cruel practices like mulesing, accurately documents all stages of the supply chain for ethical procedures, and encourages increased sustainable farming methods such as grassland regeneration through animal grazing. Eileen Fisher uses only down and feathers that have been certified by the Responsible Down Standard. This standard works to guarantee humane treatment of all of the ducks and geese. Eileen Fisher sources their alpaca wool from small-scale family farms in Peru that use free grazing methods and also follow the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare.

*Shipping Details

Free shipping with no minimum is available to the United States.

The brand ships to the following locations: International.

**Return Policy

Eileen Fisher offers free returns to the United States, and international returns are possible but not free. From their return policy: “If you are not absolutely delighted with the EILEEN FISHER pieces you purchased, we make it easy for you to return them for free. We accept returns and exchanges at our EILEEN FISHER retail store locations or you may also ship your return back for free using our pre-paid return label.” + “We accept unworn merchandise with the original tags attached within 45 days from the date of purchase. Return shipping costs to the International Returns Facility are the responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from your total refund.”

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