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How Sustainable Is Nu-In?

Nu-In is a European sustainable womenswear and menswear slow-fashion brand.

Nu-In was created in 2019 by a group of like-minded fashion and sustainability enthusiasts. Nu-In’s founders are British, German, and Swedish and thus the brand is based and connected to all of these countries. Nu-In came about by the joint-desire to create a sustainable clothing brand that was equally fashion forward and affordable. Nu-In’s business model is based around circular fashion designs and with key aspects of longevity and recyclability. This brand utilizes low impact and sustainable materials (that are mostly biodegradable) such as: recycled mono material cotton, lyocell, organic cotton, recycled polyester from sea-waste, recycled metal trim with eco-finishes, upcycled cotton, and recycled polyamide. Many textiles used by Nu-In also have antibacterial properties that have been approved and certified by the World Health Organization; these fabrics require less washes and laundry loads post-purchase and allow customers to reduce both water and energy use.

Nu-In only produces their products in factories that use or invest in clean energy.  Nu-In’s partner in seamless knitting is located in Portugal and uses solar energy to create their seamless and waste reducing products. Nu-In’s affiliate denim factory in Turkey, uses sustainable and water-saving technology such as ozone and nano bubbles. Nu-In’s weaving and jersey knitting co-partner factory uses a rainwater harvesting system and sends all offcut materials to yarn recycling companies or recycling agencies that make packaging or construction supplies from miscellaneous recycled items. 

Nu-In’s shipping packaging is made from FSC certified cardboard and Nu-In’s garment protecting poly-bags are 100% compostable. These eco-friendly poly-bags have been EN13432 and AS 4736/5810 certified to break down within 180 days and do not contain any harmful chemicals, like Phthalate or Bisphenol A. Additionally, all of Nu-In’s shipments, be it within their supply-chain or to customers are CO2 off-set.

Materials used:

Lyocell Organic Cotton Recycled Cotton Recycled Polyester Tencel

Is Nu-In Ethically-Made?

Nu-In is an ethical brand. 

Transparency and a strong sense of corporate responsibility are essential to Nu-In’s brand identity. Each of Nu-In’s garments has a special QR code on its care label which customers can scan with their smartphones to view precisely where and which factory created that item. 

Nu-In’s affiliate factories and suppliers are located in China, Portugal, and Turkey. Nu-In works directly with fabric mills, manufacturers, and suppliers in these countries to amplify oversight and ensure correct management.  All factories and suppliers are regularly audited by third-party organizations for: fair wages, clean and safe work environments, worker safety, that all worker’s rights are being respected, and equal treatment regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or disability. 

In the future and post-covid, Nu-In has plans to start factory tours in all locations where their merchandise products are produced.



Is Nu-In a Vegan Company?

Yes, Nu-In is a vegan brand. Nu-In does not use any animal derived materials in any of their merchandise. This brand is PETA approved to be 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Nu-In firmly believes that sustainability and veganism are greatly interconnected.  According to Nu-In, sustainable living and veganism both contribute to conservation efforts and fall under the scope of acting responsibly and consciously for the Planet. Nu-In also states on their website, “even if there is a growing offering of organic and responsibly raised animal products, more than 95% remain industrialized and unsustainable; animals are intelligent creatures and we neither have the right nor the reason to torture them”.

*Shipping Details

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The brand ships to the following locations: International.

**Return Policy

This brand offers easy returns. However, all shipping costs will also be refunded if customers return an entire order. Nu-In allows customers to return items within 30 days after they purchased them, as long as the items are clean, unworn, and have the original tags still attached.

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