Organic Basics

Organic Basics

Ethically made in factories across Europe, Organic Basics focuses on underwear and everyday essentials that are both sustainable and stylish. Available in neutral colors, their best-sellers include bras, leggings, organic cotton t-shirts, and Tencel shorts.

Organic Basics specializes in accessories, men's clothing, women's clothing. We recommend them for basics, underwear, loungewear, activewear and denim.

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How Sustainable Is Organic Basics?

Organic Basics’ respect for the Planet is evident in their utilization of renewable energy in their transparent supply chain and their sole use of eco-friendly textiles and materials.

Organic Basics uses only CO2 neutral shipping methods in both their supply chain and when shipping to customers. This brand aims to employ the most environmentally responsible technologies in their factories, such as seamless knitting. This technique considerably reduces fabric waste while increasing the textiles’ resilience and overall lifetime.

Organic Basics also selects fabrics based on their low environmental impact rating. This brand uses only ever Class A or Class B fibers according to the Made By Environmental Benchmark for Fibers. This brand utilizes only biodegradable, recycled, renewable, or natural textiles for all of their apparel pieces. These sustainable fabrics all significantly produce fewer CO2 emissions, require less water to manufacture, and of course consume less energy.

Some examples of the eco-friendly textiles that Organic Basics uses are: GOTS certified organic cotton, GRS certified recycled Italian nylon, biodegradable Tencel Lyocell(a sustainable and vegan fabric made from responsibly harvested Aspen and Birch trees), recycled non-dyed wool, and SilverTech (a smart textile organic-cotton-blend that features natural silver woven into the fibers, this keeps the fabric fresher for longer and ultimately reduces energy and water consumption).

The Impact Index for each item is also stated below the Material and Care tab on their website. It conveys the amount of CO2 prevented, the liters of water conserved, and the total waste averted in that specific garment. Additionally, since 2020 Organic Basics has been an active member of the organization 1% For The Planet, meaning that Organic Basics gives at least 1% of their annual revenue to diverse environmental causes.

Materials used:

Organic Cotton Recycled Cashmere Recycled Nylon Recycled Wool Tencel

Is Organic Basics Ethically-Made?

Organic Basics’ apparel and accessory pieces are all ethically-made. This slow-fashion brand produces all of its products in Europe, specifically in: Portugal, Turkey, Italy, Austria, and Scotland. Organic Basics only partners with factories that are certified free of child labor, forced labor, and workers are guaranteed a living wage in a safe working space.

This brand also performs their own audits and visits to their partnered plants to truly ensure all workers are being respected and treated fairly. Organic Basics offers full transparency in their manufacturing, warehousing, and inventory management; going so far as to list the exact certifications and which products or textiles are made in that specific factory on their website.



Is Organic Basics a Vegan Company?

Organic Basics is not a vegan company, as they do sell goods made from recycled sheep wool. However, Organic Basics does not use any animal fur, leather, down, or exotic animal skins in any of their garments.

And additionally, they do display a PETA “Vegan Approved” label on numerous items. This label indicates the particular product does not contain any animal products or by-products and that it is fully cruelty-free. Some of these PETA “Vegan Approved” pieces include: active and sheer socks, sweatshirt hoodies, sweatpants, organic cotton tees and sweaters, oxford shirts, sleepwear, undergarments, turtleneck sweaters, swimwear, denim articles, and more.

*Shipping Details

Free shipping is available with a minimum that varies by country. For orders to the US and Canada, free shipping is available for orders of $150 and up.

The brand ships to the following locations: International.

**Return Policy

Exchange are free. You can either exchange garments for another item or for store credit. If you’d like to return your garments, you need to cover the shipping cost.

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