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How Sustainable Is Patagonia?

Patagonia is a world-renowned outdoors apparel and accessories brand with a strong focus on eco-friendly technologies and textiles. This brand uses ecological and innovative fabrics like, Netplus a material made from recycled and discarded fishing nets. Patagonia is striving to carefully keep increasing the percentage of recycled textiles used in their merchandise. Currently, this brand employs 64% of recycled fibers, such as recycled cotton, recycled wool, recycled spandex, recycled nylon, and others in their most up-to-date products.

Patagonia is actively looking to continue expanding this aspect of their environmental responsibility. Patagonia uses both chemical and manual recycling. Both of these processes allow materials like polyester and polluted ocean plastics to break down and be recycled into something completely new. Patagonia supports and funds the development of all new recycling technologies, whether they are chemical or manual.

This brand has also been a long-term advocate of organic cotton and has in fact been making use of it since 1996. Presently, all organic cotton utilized by Patagonia is GOTS certified. However, organic cotton is not the only natural textile that this brand has embraced. In 2016, Patagonia went entirely neoprene-free in favor of a more eco-friendly variant. Their neoprene substitute, goes by the name of Yulex, and is a natural rubber textile. It is harvested and manufactured sustainably together with the Forest Stewardship Council. Lastly, Patagonia is a founding member of the non-profit 1% For The Planet, which they have been unofficially supporting with donations since 1985.

Materials used:

Hemp Lyocell Nylon Organic Cotton Polyester Polyurethane Recycled Cashmere Recycled Cotton Recycled Down Recycled Nylon Recycled Polyester Recycled Spandex Recycled Wool Spandex Tencel Wool

Is Patagonia Ethically-Made?

Patagonia follows a rigorous social-responsibility program. This program works to not just decrease workplace injustices but also to offer workers more opportunities and more significant long-term benefits. Patagonia supports the livelihood of over 800 farmers (not just cotton farmers but also farmers growing food crops) through their Regenerative Organic Certified Programs. Patagonia is an accredited member of the Fair Labor Association and 82% of Patagonia’s textile products are Fair Trade Certified (which benefits over 72,000 workers).

Patagonia utilizes and supports the Anker Methodology tool, that allows estimations to be made on living wages across various diverse countries. This tool works jointly with local communities and organizations to provide workers with fundamental necessities while also affording a reasonable and safe lifestyle for their families. Patagonia has also partnered with the creator of this tool, Global Living Wage Coalition (GLWC), to further their dedication in improving labor conditions for all workers until a living wage is earned across all aspects of their brand and supply chains.


B Corp Fair Trade Regenerative Organic Certified

Is Patagonia a Vegan Company?

Patagonia is not a vegan brand. Patagonia uses leather, wool, recycled wool, recycled down, and recycled cashmere in their merchandise. However, Patagonia does only utilize down that has been properly certified to the Global Traceable Down Standard and wool that has been certified to the Responsible Wool Standard (meaning it is 100% mulesing free).

Additionally, Patagonia does produce various vegan products like their: Fleece Snap-T Pullover Jackets, Organic T-Shirts, Fjord Flannel Shirts, Twill Khaki Shorts, Twill Jeans, 3-Layer Rain Jacket, Ultra Lightweight Hole Tote Bags, and Micro Puff Hoody (that has even been endorsed by PETA).

*Shipping Details

Patagonia offers free shipping for orders over $49 to the United States. Free shipping available to other countries as well depending on the local website.

The brand ships to the following locations: International.

**Return Policy

Patagonia offers easy returns, however they are not free. From their return policy: “”All products are backed by our Ironclad Guarantee. The quickest way to process a return or exchange, is to take it into your local Patagonia store, or return it to the original dealer where you purchased it. You are also able to return items to our US Distribution Center. “

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