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How Sustainable Is People Tree?

People Tree is an eco-friendly brand that uses wholly natural fibers or textiles like Lenzing certified Tencel; this material is made from responsibly harvested wood pulp that is then turned into biodegradable synthetic fibers using a closed loop manufacturing process.

People Tree endorses organic farming and water saving methods, like rainwater harvesting and water recycling from their suppliers. This brand utilizes the use of traditionally crafted fabrics and handmade textiles as much as possible. These woven, knitted, and crocheted materials require no fossil fuel consuming machinery and thus considerably decrease the resulting carbon-footprint.

People Tree makes sure to use only environmentally responsible dyeing methods and utilizes solely non-toxic and eco-friendly dyes in all of their products. This prevents dangerous chemicals and other wastewater pollutants to enter natural waterways. People Tree works together with Jeanologia (a highly sustainable and ecological supplier) to create zero-waste denim pieces from organic cotton that demand less water and energy consumption.

Materials used:

Cotton Linen Organic Cotton Spandex Tencel Wool

Is People Tree Ethically-Made?

Yes, People Tree is ethically-made. People Tree works in partnership with Kumbeshwar Technical School (KTS) in Nepal to produce some of their hand-knitted and hand-woven accessories and apparel pieces. KTS employees are mostly female artisans and KTS allows them to work from home. This enables the workers to look after their children and families while also receiving a fair and living wage.

People Tree collaborates with two Fair Trade Bangladeshis suppliers: Artisan Hut and Swallows. These two suppliers fabricate hand-woven, hand-embroidered, and block-printed products. Artisan Hut and Swallows are both based in Bangladesh and work to support and empower low-income communities through Fair Trade business development and economic independence for its artisans. People Tree works with Assisi Garments in India, to manufacture both their GOTs certified organic cotton and then to turn the textiles into jersey cotton pieces like yoga leggings or t-shirts. Assisi Garments offers employment and training for disabled and economically disadvantaged individuals in Avinashi, India.

People Tree also partnered with Fair Trade Bombolulu in Mombasa, Kenya, to create handmade jewelry in copper, brass, and silver. Employees of Bombolulu enjoy benefits like vocational training, a free clinic, and a daycare center. Lastly, People Tree is also a member of WFTO Guarantee System, a Fair Trade organization that investigates supply chains and ensures a living wage is paid to all.


Fair Trade GOTS PETA

Is People Tree a Vegan Company?

People Tree is not a vegan company, since they do sell merchandise made from wool. However, the wool they use, is completely mulesing free and comes exclusively from ethical farms in New Zealand. These farms all follow the strict Animal Welfare Act. The sheep are pasture-raised, enabling them to graze often but also offering sufficient shelter for them when needed. The sheep are humanely and carefully sheared only once a year.

Additionally, People Tree also sells a vegan friendly collection that has been approved and certified by PETA. All garments with this accreditation, guarantee a supply chain free of animal products or animal-by-products and announces the final merchandise as 100% vegan. People Tree does not use: leather, exotic animal skin, down, animal fur, or angora in any of their designs.

*Shipping Details

Free shipping over 50 pounds. Flat rate shipping of 20 to 30 pounds outside of the UK.

The brand ships to the following locations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and USA.

**Return Policy

Free returns to the UK: “People Tree is now offering FREE returns through Royal Mail on all orders over £50.00 in the United Kingdom. We are reviewing our returns policy and are accepting returns within 60 days.” International: “If an item you have purchased is unsatisfactory, you can return it within 60 days of receipt for refund of the cost of your goods. Goods are returned to People Tree at your expense unless the goods are faulty. “

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