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How Sustainable Is Thought?

Thought is an eco-friendly apparel and home-goods brand that grew out of the founders’ love for nature and sustainable fabrics. Thought employs 98% recyclable packing with 100% vegan glue, that contains no plastic whatsoever. Thought uses
only biodegradable garment bags, organic cotton labels, and ecologically responsible sea freight shipping in their supply-chain. This brand actively works to source the most eco-friendly yarns, that require less water and create minimal carbon dioxide pollution in the production. Thought upcycles all remaining textiles at the source to largely decrease waste and easily generate new eco-friendly products.

The ecological fibers and fabrics this brand utilizes are: GOTs organic cotton, 100% natural woven Hemp, bamboo and GOTs organic cotton jersey blends, Tencel, Modal, sheep wool, and recycled polyester made from plastic bottles.

Sustainability is an essential value of Thought. This brand, thoroughly enforces their Environmental Policy on all of their suppliers and supply chains partners. Some of these policies include: “environmental performances are reviewed at least annually, to address any changes or additions to continue promoting continual sustainability improvement”, “our collection is transported in the most environmentally friendly way possible and never by air”, and “all materials are sourced from natural, organic, renewable, and recycled sources whenever possible.”

Materials used:

Bamboo Viscose Hemp Modal Organic Cotton Recycled Polyester Tencel Wool

Is Thought Ethically-Made?

Yes, Thought is ethically-made. Thought thoroughly follows the International Labour Organization’s set of four standards in all of their business aspects and supply chains. Thought’s own Company Code of Conduct, strongly reflects the principles and criteria placed by the International Labour Organization. Thought enforces their Company Code of Conduct by visiting and examining all of their factories often.

This brand safeguards payment of a living wage to all of their factory workers.

Thought is also a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), a prominent coalition of businesses, trade unions, and NGOs that promote worker’s rights as well as advocating for increased respect for workers internationally. Thought produces their garments, accessories, and interior decorative pieces in ethical factories in China, India, and Turkey.


GOTS Oeko-Tex

Is Thought a Vegan Company?

Thought is not entirely a vegan brand, as they do sell apparel pieces and accessories made from sheep wool. However, this brand lists their strict Animal Welfare Policies on their website that all of their supply partners must follow. These policies include that the wool is 100% mulesing free and that the wool is able to be traced back to the original farm where it came from.

Thought does not perform any animal testing or commissions animal testing to be done on their behalf for any of their products. Additionally, they do also offer a very large number of 100% vegan and PETA approved items, in fact 95% of Thought’s collections are vegan and PETA approved. Thought does not use any: fur, down, angora, leather, or exotic animal skins.

*Shipping Details

Thought offers free shipping to the United Kingdom for order of £40 or more.

The brand ships to the following locations: International.

**Return Policy

Thought offers free returns for UK orders. If ordering from outside of the UK, the customer is responsible for shipping costs. From their policy: Free returns to the UK: “Good news! We now offer free returns for UK orders via Royal Mail. Returns must be sent back within 90 days of receiving your order for a full refund.” + “For international returns the cost is the responsibility of the customer.”

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