With a minimalist approach to fashion, Vetta focuses on capsule wardrobes for every style from classic to glam. Ethically made with some factories based in Los Angeles and New York, they also use sustainable materials.

Vetta specializes in women's clothing. We recommend them for basics, loungewear, officewear and outerwear.

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About Vetta:

“We create mini capsule wardrobes made up of five versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched to create a month’s worth of outfits. You can buy the entire capsule or shop individual pieces to start building your dream wardrobe. Our versatile designs can be worn multiple ways, and everything mixes + matches. Getting dressed has never been so easy.”

How Sustainable Is Vetta?

We classify Vetta as a sustainable brand. On one hand, their capsule model minimizes the impact on the environment, and on the other hand, they ensure to use the most environmentally-friendly materials across their entire line of products.

Vetta makes ethical fashion easy by providing pre-selected capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is a minimalist wardrobe which consists of a limited number of garments that you can mix and match. For this reason, capsule wardrobes are seen as a more sustainable way of navigating the fashion world. Having a capsule wardrobe means saying no to impulse purchases and trends, and only purchasing a limited number of pieces (or none at all) each season.

Vetta’s model provides capsule wardrobes which consist of 5 pieces. You can choose the style that best fits your own: lounge, glam, classic, casual, edgy, and more.

Apart from their sustainable model, they also use sustainable facribs in all of their designs. They analyze each fabric they use for its environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle and only use those that are the most sustainable. You can view their own fabric scores here.

Mainly, they use Tencel which is made from sustainably-harvested wood pulp proceeded in a closed loop system that also recycles solvents. They also use organic cotton, which is a much more eco-conscious alternative to cotton or most other fibres. Another way of maximizing their sustainability is to use headstock fabric, which is leftover fabric that would otherwise be thrown away into the landfill.

Furthermore, one of their factories is 70% solar-power based.

Materials used:

Cotton Deadstock EcoVero Linen Modal Organic Cotton Recycled Polyester Tencel

Is Vetta Ethically-Made?

Yes, Vetta’s clothes are ethically-made in factories across the United States as well as one factory in India which is Fair Trade Certified. They are transparent about their factories and they provide more information on this page.

Vetta’s woven clothing is made in a family-run factory in NYC. This factory is visited often by the brand to ensure ethical compliance, and many of its employees have worked there for over 30 years. Their sweaters are knitted in an LA-based factory that is annually audited for social and environmental compliance. Their T-Shirt factory is also based in LA and is one of the most well-known ethical factories in the area, also audited regularly by a third party to ensure compliance.

Their Mumbai factory in India is Fair Trade Certified and operates as a non-profit whose goal is to empower women. This co-operative trains and provides employment to disadvantaged women as well as educational sponsorships and heath insurance to their children. The brand states that they have personally visited this factory and were inspired by the impact it’s having.



Is Vetta a Vegan Company?

Although there are no claims of Vetta being a vegan company, the brand does not use animal-derived materials in any of their garments at the time this article was written. They do mention silk as an eco-friendly fabric in their fabric guide, with one of its downsides being that silkworms are killed during the process (unless it’s vegan silk).

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The brand ships to the following locations: Canada and USA.

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Exchange or exchanges for store credit are free. “Returns for full-price items are accepted on all unworn and unaltered items within 30 days of purchase. Each item must be in new condition, with tags still intact. For U.S. orders, please go to to retrieve the return label. There are three options: Refund to original payment method: label provided, flat fee of $7.95. Store credit: label provided, free return shipping. Exchange: label provided, free return shipping.”

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