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12 Ethical Clothing Brands That Are Gender-Neutral

In the last number of years there has been a cultural revolution with the rise in openly gender-neutral and non-binary individuals. Along with the desire to be recognized, there has been a push for a general shift away from the traditional male/female gender binary. One industry in particular being called upon to aid in this revolution is the fashion industry.

Below are 12 brands addressing and dressing gender-neutral individuals while simultaneously offering sustainable, ethically produced products. So, come on out of that closet and fill it with these brands!

1. Alternative Apparel

EthicsFair Labor Association, WRAP Certified, Fashion Revolution
SustainabilityOrganic cotton, Recycled material, Low-impact dyes, Low water washes
Best ForGender-Neutral Comfort Seekers
Product RangeBasics—T’s, Joggers, Hoodies, and Henleys
Price Range$-$$ ($5-$110)

Alternative Apparel offers the basics for men, women, and everyone at a reasonable price. Their Alternative Eco line recycles 1.8M plastic bottles annually, and their Unisex line offers sizes from XS-3XL. They support fair labor practices and want people to understand where their clothes come from. No matter your size, shape, gender-identity, or fashion interests the aim is inclusivity and sustainability.

2. Olderbrother

Based InNYC
EthicsUSA Made
SustainabilityBotanic Fibers
Best ForGender-Neutral Commune Lovers
Product RangeBodysuits
Price Range$$$ ($89-$250)

Olderbrother focuses on natural clothing, using natural dyes and sustainable fibers. Organic cotton is spun into, slightly boxy, staples such as blazers, hoodies, and trousers. While indigo, ashwagandha, and tannins provide the natural colors to the garment. The end result is a sustainable product for every body.

3. Radimo

Based InLos Angeles
EthicsGender & size inclusive
SustainabilityUpcycled garments
Best ForNon-Binary Naturals
Product RangeBasics, Staples, & Accessories
Price Range$-$$$ ($18-$110)

Radimo markets to the gender fluid and plus size community. Their collection ranges from shirts to shoes. It is curated from numerous independent designers predominantly from the LGBTQ community and POC. Radimo ensures and inclusive and judgement free shopping experience.

4. Wilde Vertigga

Based InNYC
Best ForAndrogynous Gender Benders
Product RangeAsymmetrical Staples
Price Range$$$ ($40-$800)

Wilde Vertigga, as the name suggests is a bit wild in concept. They offer wardrobe staples—dresses, overcoats, trousers etc.—in a sharp asymmetrical style. Nearly every piece is unisex, taking gender out of the equation. A great option for the bold type.

5. Lacher Prise

Based InNYC
EthicsUSA Made
SustainabilityBotanic Fibers
Best ForGender-Neutral Commune Lovers
Product RangeBodysuits
Price Range$$$ ($89-$250)

Lacher Prise is like if a buff became a whole outfit—comfortable and multifunctional. Their unisex line can be worn by anyone interested in the designs. They use botanic fibers for better biodegradability. And their products can be worn in multiple styles.

6. Lonely Kids Club

Based InSydney
EthicsAussie Made, Handmade, Fair labor
SustainabilityNo mass production
Best ForStreetwear Strategists
Product RangeFunky Staples & Accessories
Price Range$-$$ ($30-$100)

Lonely Kids Club offers fun graphic t’s, funky patterned jackets, dresses, jumpers and more. LKC emphasizes mental health and gender inclusivity. They also ensure fair labor practices and small batch production to provide quality products everyone can be passionate about.

7. Kirrin Finch

Based InBrooklyn
EthicsUSA Made
SustainabilityRecycled fabrics, Organic materials, Low impact dyes
Best ForMasculine/Non-binary Dapper Dans
Product RangeBlazers, Button Downs, Accessories
Price Range$$-$$$ ($20-$250)

Kirrin Finch offers menswear-inspired products. Made in New York, the brand uses recycled fibers and organic materials. Each piece features playful and subtle details. The fit is for the feminine form with a masculine aesthetic.

8. TomboyX

Based InSeattle
EthicsFair labor practices, Inclusive sizing
SustainabilityOeko-tex 100 certified fabrics, Recycled water, Water based dyes
Best ForMasculine/Non-binary/Feminine
Product RangeAll the “wears”: Active, Sleep, Lounge, Swim, Under
Price Range$-$$ ($16-$65)

TomboyX provides size inclusive undergarments for all identities. While the aesthetic leans towards the masculine, the aim is for every person to feel invited by their soft fabrics, sustainable production, and fun prints.

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9. Agender

Based InSouth Korea
EthicsGender inclusive, Independently curated
Best ForNon-binary 90s Nostalgia
Product RangeFunky Staples & Accessories
Price Range$$$ ($50-$675)

Agender has compiled staples (outerwear, shoes, shirts, trousers etc.), which blend the masculine and feminine. In terms of sustainability, it is not clear the measures the company takes. Ethically, they aim to be as gender inclusive and individual as possible. Solid choice for neutral 90’s inspired pieces.

10. Dulce Salerno

Based InMonaco
Ethics100% of profits go to charity & Fair labor
Best ForMasculine/Feminine Philanthropists
Product RangeSnapbacks, Scooped Necks, Bracelets, and Belts
Price Range$-$$ ($30-$65)

Dulce Salerno is a charity driven brand. 100% of their profits go to charities. Products are gender-neutral with masculine and feminine cuts with the focus being on charity rather than identity.

11. A.BCH

Based InAustralia
EthicsFair labor, Transparency, Gender inclusive, Waste reduction
Sustainability | Recycled wool & polyester, Organic cotton &linen
Best ForGender-Neutral, Matrix Inspired
Product RangeTops, Bottoms & Accessories
Price Range$$-$$$ ($55-$355)

A.BCH offers men, women, and humans a line of earth conscious products. Whether you fancy a cotton skirt, linen shirt, or hemp scarf these natural products are sustainably made and ethically sourced. Designed for the discerning eye and neutral aesthetic.

12. Zero Waste Daniel

Based InNYC
EthicsFair labor, Transparency
SustainabilityUpcycled garments, Recycled packaging, Zero waste
Best ForGender-Neutral, Unique Threads
Product RangeTops & Bottoms
Price Range$$-$$$ ($45-$1,000,000.00)

ZWD offers, like the name suggests, zero waste clothing. The label offers unique, handmade pieces at a range of price points. These items are genderless and aim to reduce textile waste with every purchase.

That is our list, now get to shopping!

I created Cruelty-Free Kitty because animal testing has no place in the 21st century. My mission is to tackle ethical issues in the beauty industry one by one and find solutions for a better future.

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