Hi there! I’m really glad you found my site, and I hope Cruelty-Free Kitty will become your go-to for all things cruelty-free.

I created this site in 2014 and it’s now grown beyond my wildest expectations to become the biggest online cruelty-free resource. I work on this blog full-time to help you find amazing cruelty-free brands and products, from budget to high-end.

Lists Of Cruelty-Free Brands

I maintain lists of cruelty-free brands that are updated regularly. This makes it super easy for you to shop cruelty-free, without having to do any time-consuming research.

Start by taking a look at these lists of cruelty-free brands:

Why Cruelty-Free?

If you believe that animal testing for cosmetics is cruel and unnecessary, going cruelty-free is a great way to voice your opinion against animal cruelty in the beauty industry.

You can vote with your money. Show beauty brands that you won’t be lining their pockets if they maintain their animal testing practices. Cruelty-free shoppers are already sparking changes in the beauty industry, so join us and make a difference!

Please check out the post Everything You Need To Know About Animal Testing to learn more about this and how you can help.

What Makes A Brand Cruelty-Free?

Determining whether or not a brand is cruelty-free isn’t as simple as it sounds. Brand work in collaboration with suppliers which provide their raw materials. They also sometimes allow third parties to test on animals on their behalf, or sell in countries that require animal testing by law.

This is what cruelty-free brands must stand by:

  • No animal testing conducted by their company on any finished product or ingredient.
  • No animal testing conducted by their suppliers.
  • No animal testing conducted by third parties on behalf of the company.
  • No animal testing where required by law.

Brands To Avoid

A lot of companies claim not to test on animals when that isn’t the whole truth. I get questions about brands like Benefit, Rimmel, L’Oreal, and Avon (among others). All these brands claim not to test on animals, but if you read their full disclaimer, they state that they DO test on animals where required by law and finance animal testing in China.

Unfortunately, you can’t always trust what brands tell you and you have to dig deeper. Take a look at my List Of Companies That Test On Animals to make sure you’re not supporting animal cruelty.

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